Prista Chem Ltd. market policy

for fruitful and successful business cooperation

The main aim of Prista Chem market policy is to keep the position of the biggest importer of food grade phosphoric acid in Bulgaria and leading importer of foranes for refrigeration and air-conditioning of French company ARKEMA.
"Prista Chem" Ltd. as exclusive representative of israeli company "ROTEM AMFERT NEGEF" Ltd. for phosphoric acid and french company "ARKEMA" for foranes, continue to develop and expand the market of those products through the following measures:

  • constant advertisement and visits of all regular and potential customers and fulfillment of all their needs and requirements
  • constant study of the market situation and our competitors price policy
  • submission of actual information to Rotem Amfert Negev Ltd. And Arkema partners about Bulgarian market situation in order to be possible together to take a decision about necessary measures for overcoming the problems
  • maximum facilitate to our clients with delivery stocks and products with automobile of "Prista Chem" Ltd. to their warehouses
    or industrial project